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Uncle Milt and the Marxism of the Right

Ideas have Consequences, and that is why I so vehemently object to objectivism and Ayn Rand.
Read - Critique of "The Objectivist Ethics" by Michael Huemer

In the video below you will hear Naomi Klein say, "Ideas Have Consequencies". She attempts to lay the blame for our present economic collapse at the feet of "Unlce Milt" (Milton Freidman). And she does a pretty good job of it. You may not follow all the things she refers to unless you have read her book the "The Shock Doctrine". If you haven't read it, I recommend it to you whatever your political persuasion. (Klein is a "pinko" humanist. Those on the right are known to roll their eyes at the mere mention of her name.) She a good writer and an excellent journalist.

Friedman's ideas altered government policies toward deregulation and lower taxes for the richest. Conservatives adopted many of the ideas of Libertarians. And under Newt Gingrich there were political moves to the "starve the beast" - which were really just attempts to cut funding to social programs while maintaining corporate welfare and give tax breaks to the wealthy. It was the conservative legislatures, through unprecedented levels of spending, that laid the foundation for our current problems.
Some have said Friedman was as dangerous as what you might expect a Rush Limbaugh with a PhD to be. Economics has risen from the lower ranks of a mere social science. Gaining greater status in academic circles and in Washington and on Wall street. Freidman liked to say that he was a "hard-nosed realist". But the truth is that his idealistic ideas didn't really play out they way they were expected to when applied to real-world situations. Hell, Watch the video.

Naomi Klein Rips Apart Milton Friedman's Utopian Fantasies! The sound quality isn't great on this video, so turn up the vol.

Milton Friedman was a Corporatist Prostitute.

Now follow it up with this exposure of the political philosophy in libertarianism for what it really is - Marxism of the Right -

The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. - Read How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution - "The Big Takeover" by Matt Taibbi - Posted Mar 19, 2009

Some see conspiracy lurking behind our current economic collapse. I can't buy the idea these financial guys set out to set up a situation in which they can take over the world. -- It has just been a series of complex events in which the participants weren't really able to project the outcome of decisions that were being made. Alan Greenspan reported that he assumed the banks would act more responsibly than they have because, he thought, the banks depend on the trust of their clients for future revenue.
Greenspan seemed to miss the fact that deregulation was allowing banks to sell off their risk to greater fools and lock in profits - at least on paper. The reason this happened was the fact individuals were getting huge bonuses for moving paper. Many of the key players honestly didn't give a shit about the consequences - being only concerned with their immediate gains. This really mirrors the "Tragedy of the Commons". Our currency in this case is "the commons" that is being destroyed.

Now that the shit has hit the fan - the same banking wizards are believed to be tho only ones capable of sorting out the mess. They know very well if their plans had to be made in public no one would go along with them.

As long Treasury and the Fed can conduct business behind closed doors they will continue to grow in power, usurping all individual rights, and debasing our savings and transferring wealth to the insiders.

The present course will not change as long as people remain ignorant and complacent and reliant on the government to bail us out of the crisis.

Listen to this debate on NPR - Who's to Blame -Washington or Wall Street? - The Whores or the Greedy Bastards?
Look for the play list on the right and click on the debate link.

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