Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FollowFriday for the Godless

I created the "Atheists" FollowFriday page as a service to the growing community of outspoken atheists emerging on twitter. Many of them are Atheist bloggers who promote their blog on twitter.

Many like myself just like to share links to interesting atheist related blogs and news reports.

If you follow a variety of atheists as I do, you will soon discover that other than a non-belief in God, atheists don't consistently agree on much of anything else. So, the idea that atheists share a worldview is pure myth.

I don't really like the label "atheist" much. It just seems kind of meaningless to define oneself in terms of what one doesn't believe in. I could also call myself a non-pink-unicornist or a non-spaghetti-monsterist and it would have a near equivalent meaning, that is, if it weren't for all the theists who populate the world around me.

If you check out the FollowFriday page you will see a wide variety of my twitter siblings all of whom have varying degrees of interconnectedness. If you want to get an idea of how well you or another twellow is connected to a twibe of atheists check out Twitnest .


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